Plentiful For Providers

Plentiful is a free, easy-to-use reservation system for food pantries and the people they serve. Use Plentiful to stay organized and provide better service.

How it Works

With Plentiful, pantries can easily keep track of clients, and clients can manage pantry visits directly from their phone.

Get online

  • Pantries create a Plentiful profile

  • Clients register with any mobile phone, or at any Plentiful pantry

Make a reservation

  • Pantries list service times in Plentiful

  • Clients reserve a spot at a pantry from their phone, from three minutes, to three months in advance.

Connect to food

  • Pantries use Plentiful to manage reservations and communicate with clients

  • Clients get reservation reminders on their phone

See results

  • Pantries track their impact with powerful, real-time analytics

  • Customers access the food they need, without waiting in line

Why Work With Us?

Plentiful is helping pantries distribute more food, to more clients, in less time. Shorter lines, faster service. It’s that simple.


“...a simple app called Plentiful–which works via text message, for those without a smartphone–lets people who need food make an Open Table-like reservation…”

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“Many pantries have jumped at the chance to cut down on lines and provide clients a more dignified experience.”

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“...the Plentiful app, designed to link all the pantries in the city and make it easier for people to connect to them.”

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"The Plentiful App allows pantries to communicate directly with their clients ... [and] take the guessing and waiting out of food assistance pickups."

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Whether you’re a volunteer helping distribute food, or a client on the receiving end, Plentiful is making every food pantry experience a better one.

I just downloaded and installed the Plentiful App, which helps you find food pantries all over New York City, and I love it!

Julio Rosario

Client of St. Clement’s Food Pantry, Manhattan

Walking up to the church, and seeing only one person waiting in line was pure magic! All the guests really love the new set up.

Christina Bowman

Director of Outreach, Xavier Mission, Manhattan

The app makes it convenient to create and change reservations that fit busy family and work schedules.

Devanie and Robert Jackson

Pantry Directors, Brooklyn Rescue Mission, Brooklyn

We visited pantries all over the city and nothing fit until Plentiful: Get rid of the line outside, keep people warm and indoors.

Cassandra Agredo

Executive Director, Xavier Mission, Manhattan


Plentiful is a project of the NYC Food Assistance Collaborative

Plentiful for Families

Looking to receive service? Check out the Plentiful mobile app to find pantries and receive service faster.

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